Intro to ME :)

Wow, I finally did it! I am launching a website, including a new and improved blogging space!

My intention is to grow a community of like-minded people and hopefully inspire a gal or two along the way! You will see a lot of things on here including my favorite products & brands, recipes, workouts, style inspo, book reviews and lastly, self-love and body-acceptance content that I hope will touch your heart in some way. I will definitely try to cover all bases including things that I enjoy doing. This is a space for me to authentically show you who I am by discussing topics that are important to me. I really hope that you all enjoy our time together each time I post.

If you ever have anything you want me to talk more about or cover, please don’t hesitate to comment below and let me know! (I frequently rhyme, no actually, I do it all the time ;) see what I did there) Don’t worry that’ll be the first and last reference to that… but I make no promises!

I hope to express my zeal for life and all of the things I love to do. By sharing my experiences, I hope that YOU (yes you, girl, reading this now!) can feel some sort of connection to me and be able to share your heart. Whether we are working on motivation, body image, or ways to style a classic wardrobe piece; I got your back! So buckle up, buttercup! This is going to be a blast… maybe get a little emotional at times, but hey, we’re only human!

Thank you for taking the time to visit and read through, I look forward to chatting soon!

Much love,